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playbook web development

With the successful launch of BlackBerry PlayBook 4G, RIM has proved that it is one of the major contenders in the tablet segment. What differentiates BlackBerry tablets from its competitors is PlayBook’s instant internet connectivity and unparalleled support to web apps and web services. Our BlackBerry PlayBook web development team excels at web app development and website development. PlayBook Web Development Services At Crafttune

Playbook Web Development
Our longstanding experience with web app development has empowered us to build robust, scalable and effective web apps. We build custom BlackBerry PlayBook web apps: we analyze your needs, understand the purpose behind the web app, and create solutions that make a real difference to the users. Our PlayBook web app development services include:

BlackBerry PlayBook Website Design & Development
The 7.6-inch PlayBook screen demands a different approach to designing websites. The user may not be able to browse your website or use your web services easily unless you design the site specifically for the BB tablet. Font size, drop down menus, links, graphic elements and content may appear disjointed and spoil the user experience. While developing websites for the PlayBook, you need to keep in mind the size of the screen, and you need to find a way of integrating useful PlayBook features into web design and web development. Our BlackBerry developers and web designers build flawless websites that work perfectly on the PlayBook. We redesign your existing site in terms of content, navigation, usability, and varying screen positions.