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iphone app ui design

When a user downloads an iPhone app, they want to start using it instantly. An average user doesn’t have the time or inclination to read ‘help’ section or a ‘user manual’. If you want your app to succeed, you need an intuitive iPhone app UI design that allows users to start operating the app right away. We develop clear, effective and self-explanatory UI design for iPhone apps that enhance user experience and add value to your application.

Customized iPhone UI Design – Just What the App Needs
While we lay emphasis on an uncomplicated and uncluttered iPhone app UI, we do not rob the design of individuality and character. Our expert designers start off with an extremely functional design – a design that allows the users to explore the app seamlessly.

Once the picture becomes clearer, we add graphics and design elements that gel well with the purpose and use of the app. We test the app and anticipate user actions; on the basis of our findings, we add activity indicators and place elements where the users expect them to be. Consequently, the design is a natural representation of the app, and it is perfect because it just what you app needs. Our iPhone UI design process will help you get a sharper picture of how we design successful UIs for iPhone:
  • Functionality Analysis-We make a list of functionalities that the app needs to accomplish its stated task and to fulfill the potential needs of the users.
  • User analysis –The next step is understanding the requirements of the users. This is done through discussion with people who are going to use to app
  • Information architecture – We design the information architecture, developing the process and information flow of the system.
  • Prototyping – Once the information architecture is ready, we move on to wireframe development. The wireframes focus on the interface and visually represent the page features and show how they are supposed to work.
  • Usability testing - Actual users test the prototype and give feedback
  • Graphic Interface design – The prototype is just a wire-frame. Now the actual design of the final GUI with all look & feel elements of GUI is done.