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iphone games development

iPhone games, in particular, are in a class of their own thanks to the Tru-life imaging of the back-lit screen, fabulous sound and endless functionalities. All of these combine to create truly amazing gaming experiences in all categories of the spectrum.

Our i-Geeks are obsessed with iPhone gaming application development and are always looking for the latest tools and functionalities on the iPhone 4/4S to enhance gaming options and graphics. Thus you will see the games we develop are not only attention-grabbing but also engrossing.
Gaming is No Longer Child’s Play on the Net Today

Choosing our professionals means getting access to high end competency which is dedicated to surpass your expectations. Coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly experienced and trained professionals we are committed to delivering you with the required solutions in a stipulated time frame.
Some of the other characteristics that define games developed by us are:
  • Optimal use of the iPhone’s graphics capabilities
  • High level Interactivity
  • Real life Sporting Scenarios
  • Truly amazing fantasy gaming locales and graphics
  • Powerful, speedy and brain stimulating games

Our choice of platform for game development is the Macintosh using languages such as Objective C, Core Animation, Applescript, OpenGL, Core Graphics, Core Audio, and other tools.

Our development team has also kept itself abreast of the latest iPhone Game Framework, Social Networking Application technologies in the ever-changing gaming market. We always deploy the latest tools, platforms and languages so as to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

All development is compliant with statutory standards. Offering cost effective and exciting games is our winning strategy that will keep you entertained for many, many more years to come! Request Proposal
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