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android development

Craft Tune is one of the most sought after company when it comes to Android APPS development. We are catering to the whole world with various kinds of different types of applications for the Android mobile phones at an affordable price with the best store of developers in our company. We are dedicatedly developing custom Android applications in the market. Our developers leverage the Android’s unique mobile multitasking environment to drive phenomenal capabilities and usability and ultimately success application. We do the complete feasibility study and analysis of the requirements when we develop our custom Android applications. We offer varied types of Android gaming Application development. Our games are robust and stable; it dwells mainly on the Linux kernel, which prevents the games from crashing. We provide fast and easy JAVA based programming for developing Android Games. Our developing style does not clash with any third party software application which is necessary for the gaming integration and hence we deliver enhanced gaming experience.

Our Android multimedia applications are a blend of OPENMAX IL standard and the core development technology of Android OS with all its functional libraries of Multimedia codecs and drivers that can be readily used in any multimedia enabled devices. Craft Tune has the required experience and expertise in embedded multimedia and optimization. We are offering Android Enterprise Application Development since its utility increases for business oriented people. Our enterprise applications programming helps to fasten the business process which creates a bigger opportunity to tap the business from all corners of the world without wasting time and money. Along with the development Craft Tune also offers maintenance of any Android applications at a very reasonable price. As it is based on open source technologies with Linux core, which can safeguards themselves from any anomalies at the same time the products are very robust and stable in nature. All the Android applications are based on JAVA technologies with open source platforms and that’s why up gradation is also becomes easy and does not costs much. Our testing methodologies for Android applications are based on very successful and experienced and dedicated R&D. We are responsible for test automation, test specifications, manual testing and planning. We do every testing in a high paced, constantly changing and a very low margin environment. Our customers are very dear to us and we make sure that they can keep up their faith on us over time and again.