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Mobile development starts with Symbian – with the best new technologies and applications for today’s and tomorrow’s phone, the widest choice of the tools and development languages.

Symbian Programmers have been core to making this happen. SDK are build based on a particular UI platform for Symbian OS. A UI platform provides a distinct UI and an associated set of system applications for such tasks as messaging, browsing, telephony, multimedia and contact/calendar management.

Third-party applications written in native C++ have to be supported by an SDK which defines that UI platform, or at least a particular version of it. The most important thing to know when developing an application for a particular phone is the associated UI platform. It’s very important to find the Symbian OS version the phone is based on and then decide which SDK need to obtain.

Symbian Programmers – Symbian Software Development
Crafttune has team of professional symbian programmers and developers to develop custom applications, games and Symbian software development for particular Symbian OS. Our programmers can develop a different version of custom applications / Games for different versions of Symbian OS, which helps to make the reach wider.

We have got years of experience in mobile application development on different platforms. If you have any requirement of Symbian programmers for software development, fill out the instant quote form and we would contact you soon.