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wordpress theme design

With a solid framework of a plug-in architecture and a template system, WordPress has won millions of hearts. This excellent blogging tool and powerful W3C standard CMS is based on PHP and MySQL and is capable of storing videos, audio, images, PDF files and other documents. It even enables easy insertion of web pages. Being one of the leading web design companies, we offer you with efficient WordPress theme design services that include customization of homepage along with hassle free design and implementation.

We make your website user-friendly and incorporate desirable features in it that allure your visitors and keep them glued to your websites. We place appropriate WordPress templates designing that make your blogs cordial and help you to increase your traffic. The posting of photos, images and videos add splendour to your site. We amplify the functionality of your website with features like in-depth categorization and facility for tagging posts.
Benefits of creating website using WordPress CMS:
The popularity of WordPress has made it an award winning CMS. The features of this content management system are the foremost reasons of its popularity. This productive blogging platform gives a cutting edge to its users. It makes fabrication of personal themes extremely easy. However, this CMS has lots of intriguing features like:
  • Automatic backup and upgrades
  • Easy installation system
  • Highly customizable template designs
  • Easy to use content and spell check editor
  • Ability to assign multiple categories to articles
  • Resistant to spam
  • A solid plug-in architecture along with template system
WordPress Template Design at Crafttune
While designing WordPress themes, our experienced designers not only implement the designs but, they also implement their expertise in their work. With the help of our experts, you attain exceptional theme design services in WP along with the following advantages: