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symbian applications

Our applications development competency on Symbian extends to application side covering GUI, engine component, system libraries, and middleware provides services.

Crafttune create mobile information management systems, camera applications, mobile, office managers, instant messaging tools, mobile games, entertainment solutions (audio, video, and imaging) etc. Symbian Applications can be developed related to following areas:
  • Multimedia
  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • Messaging
  • Narrow-band protocols
  • Networking and Communications Infrastructure
  • Base and device driver development
  • Telephony
  • Communications Server
Symbian Mobile Applications – From Crafttune
Usability Standards
Mobile applications usability is critical. We deliver the mobile software solutions that have easy navigation, user-friendly interfaces and are usable for multiple user groups.

Rich Multimedia
Our programmers develop real-time customized Symbian applications to record and play audio and video, including streaming media. We produce cutting edge multimedia applications using Symbian platform se it’s supports the majority of multimedia standards and offers improved multimedia sound support.

Code Efficiency
since handsets are limited in CPU speed and memory resources compared to PCs, the code efficiency is critical for application performance. We develop application that uses minimum handset resources to run and deliver the results.

Enhanced Phone Functionality
Symbian mobile applications have all functions of smart phone, including phone-book, calendar, call control, SMS and MMS messaging controls, Data transfer using GPRS or CSD. It allows us to deliver software solutions that enhance and enrich standard phone functionality.