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ipad ebook publishing

iBooks on iPad has certainly made reading more delightful and pleasant. However, more than readers, it is the authors who have leveraged more benefits because through iBooks Apple has opened gateways for them to publish their books for free as well as own the publishing authority. Some of you might find it difficult to tackle the technical know-hows, that’s why we are here, to take care of the technical aspects while you can just sit back and earn the revenues.

With the help of iBooks, and a little help from us, you can reach out to millions of eBook readers. The great thing about publishing books on iPad is it won’t take ages for your book to reach your readers. As soon as it arrives iBookStore, they would be able to have in their bookshelves with a few finger taps.

iBooks is a boon for bookworms. They do not need to wander the bookstores to get their favorite one. Apple has already taken care of certain stuffs of its eBook reader that have made book reading better. Through this app, readers can:
  • Read books in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Turn pages like a person does in real books
  • Put their favorite collection at one place
  • Get double-page view
  • Buy and download books through iTunes account

Now, we are here to amplify the experience of the readers by providing them with eBook apps for iPad. These apps can perform multiple tasks and can enhance the functionality of iBooks. Our apps enable you to carry any volume of content, allow you to have high-resolution and graphic rich content, and make downloading faster and easier.

eBooks for iPad – Publishing and Profit Go Together
We aren’t just a platform for publishing your books. We are the medium through which you get yourself known to the world, and off course, have your share of revenues. We’ll make sure that you get the worth of your hard work. Since, our publishing services are available at nominal rates, which, in turn, give you an increased rate of ROI; therefore, we make publishing and profit go hand-in-hand with each other.