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website redesign

Is your website stuck in the stone-age? Do you think that the design is outdated, and content on the site needs to be recreated? Do you feel that you need SEO friendly website design and content? If your mind waves confronting with such questions, don’t think much. It’s time to redesign your existing website as according to the modern trend with new features that is SEO friendly and give a fresh feel.

Website redesigning is essential as it stems up for a prudent business if your existing website has lost the visual charm and it has old features and functionalities. Fresh feel, Professional image, engagingness and enhanced functionalities can be brings back to your website. At Crafttune, professional web designers incorporate new tools and techniques that provide excellent features & functionalities with a better browsing experience.

At Crafttune, expert Website Designers just love to play with designs and come up with sophisticated yet appealing products. Experienced web developers have the creative knack, and work according to the clients’ need to create out-of-the-box designs. We offer a website redesign service that will suit to your pocket.

Our professional website designers not only make your web site more attractive but also include usability guidelines, essential Meta tags & description, robot commands and search engine submission and multi browser compatibility facility.

Website redesign process at Crafttune


In website redesigning project, we first work with statistics such as which pages are most popular, which pages visitors often leave your website from, the prominence of various pages, the common operating system/web browser and screen resolutions of your visitors and so on. Furthermore, we study the way these design elements are implemented and their effects on the website’s search engine performance, cross-compatibility, and other important factors which can literally make or break a web site’s performance are also examined.

After research, experienced web re-designers consult the clients regarding their findings – listening to their ideas and reasons for wants to be really redesigned, while contributing ideas and suggestions based upon our research. Our experts discuss clients’ desires, align them with their findings and suggestions, and prepare for a proposal and quote that will drive the project forward.

Review & Approval
We take reviews if needed and then seek final approval for the project. Depending on the size, programming and nature of the website to be redesigned, we quote. After getting a green signal, we keep clients’ updated with the work. Good communication with clients through phones, emails and live chat reduce the chances of misunderstanding and come up with foolproof product in the end.

Once approval has gained we start the implementation into the existing website in the most seamless and efficient way possible – outlined step by step in our proposal. Depending on the website in question, the complexity and scope of a website redesign varies greatly. Either the way, our experts are very aware of the importance of seamless integration and thus apply necessary changes in a way that will have the least impact on the website and its visitors.