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Website Prototyping – Foolproof Designs for Perfect Execution
It is very easy to make changes in a website mockup, but making changes into a fully-designed website is a lot tougher. By building a prototype for complex websites like job portals, community portals, social networking sites, or massive eCommerce stores, we can ensure that the final web design meets the expectations of all the stakeholders. A robust and interactive mockup design which allows users to test navigational flow, drop down menus, and other responsive elements can help save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Reduced Cost and Time of Development Through Website Mockup Design
We design mockups to get a clearer idea of how our clients envision the website. This process helps us dissolve the tangle of complicated ideas into a simple and solid visual. At this stage, our focus is on designing a prototype that effectively conveys message and performs the functions that our clients want it to. This whole process helps reduce the time of development in the long run; also, as most of the points are cleared right at the outset, the client doesn’t have to make any expensive change-orders at a later stage.

We provide website prototyping services as a standalone, and it is also a part of our web development process when we are working on complex websites. As we involve the clients and other stakeholders right from the beginning, most of the potential errors are removed at this stage. Our prototyping process is usually divided into the following stages:

This is where Mockup Design Services at Crafttune can come to serve you to the best of your profit. We create mockups keeping exact requirements in mind so that there is no confusion or complication further in the project.

Engagement: We talk with you, learn about your project needs and find out whether you require website mockup design services.

Analysis: We thoroughly analyze your project documentation to get a clear idea regarding your project and the role of the website in your business. Our designers also consult with all the stakeholders to decide whether we should go for a high-fidelity mockup or a simpler prototype.

Design: On the basis of what we find during the analysis, we build a prototype website that helps you get a clear view of how the final website will look, feel and function.

Review: We send the prototype design to you for review (you can view it through any browser). You can provide the feedback by placing notes on the relevant parts of the mockup.

Refinement: Our designers will make the suggested changes and send it back to you. This action will be repeated until your give your approval to the final version.

This is a brief overview of our process. Obviously, the process varies for every project as the needs of different websites are different. But when you choose us, the results will never vary: you will save time, money and effort on your website development project. Needless to say, you will also save yourself from the headache of making multiple changes in a final, fully-functional website.