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ios 5 app development

Over 100 million iPhones and more than 2 billion Apple apps have been sold over last 5 years. The unparalleled popularity of the latest iOS 5 underscores Apple’s ability to wow smartphone users and inspire brand loyalty. Against this background, iOS development has gained special significance for businesses worldwide. Lots of companies and individuals find iOS developer to have better functionality and business of the smartphones.

Crafttune has developed thousands of applications, games and websites for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using the iOS. Our iOS development team is made up of experienced professionals who are old hands at iPhone development: we have worked extensively with different versions of iOS, including iOS 4 and iOS 5. Expert iOS developers provide services for:

  • iOS Web App Development
  • iOS Native App Development
  • Upgrading and porting existing apps to higher iOS versions

Answers to All Your iOS Development Need
Apple’s latest iOS, which is dubbed ‘World’s Best Operating System,’ comes loaded with over 200 spectacular features that take mobile computing to a whole new level.Crafttune builds next-generation apps, websites, games, themes, and icons using the advanced iOS 5 features. Our familiarity with the iOS platform, our experience with iOS 5 development, and our ability to leverage the powerful iOS 5 features for building groundbreaking apps has helped us become one of the most prominent iOS 5 development companies.