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User interface for a small screen demands a thorough understanding of how people use their mobiles; it requires creativity and imagination. Functionality and features are not what make a mobile app succeed. The success of a mobile application depends on an intuitive Mobile UI design that combines usability with functionality. A good mobile UI doesn’t just make it easy for users to operate the app, but it also helps you promote and brand the application.
Seamless, Intuitive and Innovative Mobile GUI Designs
The best mobile interface design seamlessly allows the use to move from one point to another without even realizing it. The interface doesn’t attract attention to itself, nor does it make things difficult for the user. We design innovative mobile user interface to allow the user to use the app intuitively without any need for directions or guides. This doesn’t mean that the design is drab or dull: it just means that our designs offer most than a few striking graphics.

Our mobile UI design services include:
  • iPhone UI Design
  • iPad UI Design
  • Icons and Themes Design
  • Android UI Design
  • BlackBerry UI Design
  • Windows Mobile UI Design
  • Widget Design
Why Choose Us for Mobile UI Design?
IndiaNIC is one of the most prominent offshore design and development companies in the world. We have designed thousands of websites and developed thousands of mobile application during the last few years. We know everything there is to know about mobile app development and designing. Our designers are aware of numerous mobile patter UI designs, and we can design apps or user interfaces on the basis of your target audience. Every user mobile interface designed by our mobile designer has the following qualities:
  • Cool, polished and friendly UI
  • Original, engaging and creative design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Intuitive interface – no need for explanations